Would love to see some more Keri or a girl like her

February 9th, 2011

I would love to see some more of Keri Sable, or perhaps some new girls doing porn that look like her. Keri is still one of the hottest porn stars to ever make some really hardcore porn videos. She is one of the best ever. If I could find a couple of girls to do the look and the sex that Keri has been doing, I would be very happy indeed!

Innocence 7 Wild Child featuring Keri Sable

June 22nd, 2007

Innocence 7: Wild Child from Ninn Worx

Featuring Keri Sable

Innocence 7 Wild Child featuring Keri Sable

The innocence series from Ninn worx offers a unique combination of killer light and sound with seriously hot girls getting naughty for the camera. The sex is hardcore enough to get you off and the lighting and camera angles will have you wondering just how in the hell they did that. Making porn that looks like a dream can’t be easy, but Ninn Worx does it, and with Keri on the cover and in the movie, it’s a magical combination.

This adult DVD can be had for $30 and it’s a great price for this top notch production.

Finders Keepers

June 14th, 2007

Finders Keepers featuring Keri Sable

Finders Keepers DVD with Keri Sable

The hardcore sex in this movies some great ass action. Every scene in this flick is worth watching, and there is even some good fluff in between scenes. Not so much that you would get bored waiting for the next fuck scene like you would find with some porn these days, but just enough to give you time to clean up and get ready for more action! I used the fast forward button three times with movie (and with most porn movies these days I use the fast forward so much you couldn’t possibly count). Great fuck flick, and Keri is on the cover, so it is staying in the collection.

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Hustler’s Barley Legal Innocence 01

June 7th, 2007

Hustler’s Barley Legal Innocence #01

Barley Legal Innocence with Keri Sable

The barely legal series must sell well, mainly because they get a lot of the teen models early, get good makeup and great sets to film with. The barely legal series is not my favorite by any means, most of the crap that Hustler has put out the past8 years or so just bores me. It’s like you have all this great equipment, perfect sets, great actors, and the movies just come out looking canned. You can guess any lines that are about to be said, and while the scenarios are sometimes creative, the fuck scenes seem right out of a play book. Look cute, say a line, suck some cock, turn around, get fucked, turn around fuck some more, make some noise, money shot.

It;s cool that they caught Keri on camera early in her career, and it is worth watching to see her fine ass and stunning firm body, but the fucking doesn’t seem anything close to being real to me. None the less, it’s Keri naked, and that makes it worth buying.

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Keri Sable Hardcore Anal Gangbang Free Preview of Cum Filled Asshole Overload

June 6th, 2007

Wow this fucking preview is hardcore! The movie is intense! I found this free minute or so of broadband, top quality video that is so hardcore and nasty you will probably nut in your pants just watching the free preview!

keri sable cum filled asshole overload shot1

keri sable cum filled asshole overload shot1redKeri sable is smoking hot in this fuck flick and the sex featured in this film from Eric Everard is really hardcore, kind of rough in some places with titty smacking and some face smacks while there is a cock in Keri’s mouth. But the anal action is hot, lots of gaping anal shots and cum dripping out of assholes like wine flowing at a cheesey party – this is one seriously hardcore porn flick with several stars getting ass reamed with multiple guys fucking there brains out!

keri sable cum filled asshole overload shot6 keri sable cum filled asshole overload shot7keri sable cum filled asshole overload shot8

5 stars given to the cum filled asshole overload – click here to watch the free preview!

Down the Hatch 14

June 5th, 2007

Down the Hatch 14 Keri Sable Cover

Down the hatch with Keri is a great additional to the hardcore lineup of fuck flicks that she has decided to feature in. The dick sucking is well caught on camera, the fucking is hard and gives you nice close ups. The facials on this flick are not my favorite, but I’m usually done before we get to the so called money shot, so I recommend this one since it’s nice to see Keri getting filmed fucking red light style.

This hardcore facial frenzy adult DVD is under $25 online.

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Dark Sins with Keri Sable

June 1st, 2007

Dark Sins

Dark Sins with Keri Sable

It’s a wicked title, so the hot box cover with Keri would make a great poster. The story is good, the filming is okay, and this flick would make a good background movie while you are having some oral sex. It’s the kind of flick that won’t gross out your lover. Hey if you can’t have the seriously hardcore porn that you want, at least popping this in will give the super fine Keri sable getting it on.

Description: Wicked Pictures is pleased to offer you the much anticipated release of Keri Sables first starring role as a Wicked contract star in DARK SINS! This erotic drama was directed by the award winning Michael Raven and the visuals are awesome! This vignette style feature revolves around Keri as she explores her wildest fantasies. There are six scenes in all and four of them feature Keri including two sizzling anal couplings. DARK SINS boasts a great cast, an awesome cover, and most importantly, Keri Sable.
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Erotik with Keri Sable

May 29th, 2007

 Erotik with Keri Sable

Erotik with Keri Sable

Description: Fantasy and reality join as one when Kaylani Lei meets with some of the adult industry’s hottest stars. Scene after scene, this is one journey you are not going to forget.

This is an excellent erotic adventure. Well written, well shot, an overall excellent erotic production. One of the best adult DVDs I have aquired in some time. The lighting and effects add to the story rather than take away from it, and there is plenty of hardcore sex to keep you ultra aroused all the way through.

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All About Keri

May 29th, 2007

All About Keri

All About Keri

It is all about Keri. She is super hot in this mix of ultra fine adult stars! In this flick you can tell that Wicked did take the time to make it all about Keri and making her look damn good. Of course the production value carries over to the other porn stars that join Keri in this fine fuck flick.

Description: How far would you go to get a shot at the big time? When a young filmmaker has to decide between making his dream movie and the porn masterpiece his financier is looking for, his priorities are in for a bit of a shuffle. Of course, when you add the luscious Keri Sable to the mix, the results are bound to be magic.

Kimberly Kane | Eric Masterson | Faith | Evan Stone | Reno | Manuel Ferrara | Sarah Blake | Keri Sable | Justine Joli | Jay Huntington

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The Visitors – 2 DVD Box Set featuring Keri Sable

May 24th, 2007

The Visitors – 2 DVD Box Set

The Visitors - 2 DVD Box Set with Keri Sable

This is one of those high dollar bigger budget porn movies, the kind that your wife or girlfriend probably would mind watching. Yeah the kind that you may actually watch the drama scenes between fuck scenes and it’s better than the majority b class crap you find on cable. It does have enough hardcore sex in it that you can get a quick nut after fast forwarding through the drama and getting right to some hard core sex with nicely lit close up penetration shots.

Description: From award winning director Michael Raven comes his most ambitious project ever, The Visitors. In one horrifying encounter after another, a small desert town is terrorized by mysterious visitors. One by one, beautiful young girls are disappearing. Can investigators unravel this modern day alien invasion in time to save their town? Only the Visitors know for sure!

A well done movie with super hot Keri Sable and certainly worth having in the collection. Find this adult DVD online at sex toys sex videos.