Spread ‘Em Wide Number 03

Spread ‘Em Wide #03

Spread ‘Em Wide 03

This is one of those DVDs that most of my girlfriend’s wouldn’t enjoy, I have had a few girls that totally get into the multiple hole, balls to the chin fuck fest porn like great hardcore video is featured in this DVD, but I am sure a lot of housewives would be like “Whoa!” if they stumbled upon this hardcore raunch fest in thier home player.

With that said, most guys will probably enjoy it! Unless you are the kind of guy that only wants to see girl on girl. This may be the most hardcore scenes I have seen with Keri, excellent close up DP shots, in the ass and pussy at the same time with fine ass babe, um yeah, it’s the kind of great hardcore shit you can watch more than once. You will probably have to replay it several times! Great hardcore with one of my favorite girls, Keri Sable.

Description: These girls love when you stuff all of their holes at one.Spread ‘Em Wide 03 back When it comes to cock they can never have to many. The more the merrier, is what these little sluts say! Watch as all of them get filled with some of the biggest cocks in the business and cum out covered in man juice! Double Penetration or just ram a big cock up their ass and their happy for days!

 I found this DVD online for $19.99 – much better price than the $39.99 I paid for it in an unnamed retail store.

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