The Visitors – 2 DVD Box Set featuring Keri Sable

The Visitors – 2 DVD Box Set

The Visitors - 2 DVD Box Set with Keri Sable

This is one of those high dollar bigger budget porn movies, the kind that your wife or girlfriend probably would mind watching. Yeah the kind that you may actually watch the drama scenes between fuck scenes and it’s better than the majority b class crap you find on cable. It does have enough hardcore sex in it that you can get a quick nut after fast forwarding through the drama and getting right to some hard core sex with nicely lit close up penetration shots.

Description: From award winning director Michael Raven comes his most ambitious project ever, The Visitors. In one horrifying encounter after another, a small desert town is terrorized by mysterious visitors. One by one, beautiful young girls are disappearing. Can investigators unravel this modern day alien invasion in time to save their town? Only the Visitors know for sure!

A well done movie with super hot Keri Sable and certainly worth having in the collection. Find this adult DVD online at sex toys sex videos.

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