Hustler’s Barley Legal Innocence 01

Hustler’s Barley Legal Innocence #01

Barley Legal Innocence with Keri Sable

The barely legal series must sell well, mainly because they get a lot of the teen models early, get good makeup and great sets to film with. The barely legal series is not my favorite by any means, most of the crap that Hustler has put out the past8 years or so just bores me. It’s like you have all this great equipment, perfect sets, great actors, and the movies just come out looking canned. You can guess any lines that are about to be said, and while the scenarios are sometimes creative, the fuck scenes seem right out of a play book. Look cute, say a line, suck some cock, turn around, get fucked, turn around fuck some more, make some noise, money shot.

It;s cool that they caught Keri on camera early in her career, and it is worth watching to see her fine ass and stunning firm body, but the fucking doesn’t seem anything close to being real to me. None the less, it’s Keri naked, and that makes it worth buying.

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