North Pole 54 with Keri Sable

May 22nd, 2007

North Pole 54 with Keri Sable

Description: Once again Peter brings you the hottest girls doing the nastiest things. Even the most innocent looking girls like to suck and fuck huge cocks. Do not miss these hotties taking big man sticks in every hole. In this volume: Vag, Anal, DP, and loads of messy facials!!

Peter North shoots good porn (and big loads!) add Keri to the mix and you’ve got some good spank bank material to enjoy. The fucking is good, camera angles make you feel like you are right there and Keri’s body is smoking hot, even though I do not prefer her with the curls in the air, you will quickly forget about the hair style when the clothes come off and her ass in the air.

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Spread ‘Em Wide Number 03

May 21st, 2007

Spread ‘Em Wide #03

Spread ‘Em Wide 03

This is one of those DVDs that most of my girlfriend’s wouldn’t enjoy, I have had a few girls that totally get into the multiple hole, balls to the chin fuck fest porn like great hardcore video is featured in this DVD, but I am sure a lot of housewives would be like “Whoa!” if they stumbled upon this hardcore raunch fest in thier home player.

With that said, most guys will probably enjoy it! Unless you are the kind of guy that only wants to see girl on girl. This may be the most hardcore scenes I have seen with Keri, excellent close up DP shots, in the ass and pussy at the same time with fine ass babe, um yeah, it’s the kind of great hardcore shit you can watch more than once. You will probably have to replay it several times! Great hardcore with one of my favorite girls, Keri Sable.

Description: These girls love when you stuff all of their holes at one.Spread ‘Em Wide 03 back When it comes to cock they can never have to many. The more the merrier, is what these little sluts say! Watch as all of them get filled with some of the biggest cocks in the business and cum out covered in man juice! Double Penetration or just ram a big cock up their ass and their happy for days!

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Teen Fuck Holes

May 19th, 2007

Teen Fuck Holes with Keri Sable cover

This is the DVD that had me falling in love with Keri from just seeing her on the cover. Once I got to peek at the back cover and saw all the hardcore anal action I stopped shopping. I quickly got home and got this hardcore DVD into the player. There is so much down right nasty fucking caught on film and released on this DVD that I couldn’t finish it. In fact the hardcore non stop sex featured here will make most porn movies seem like the playboy channel.

Keri’s scene is fucking hot! She keeps a smile on while getting DP’ed and looks great doing it. This is one of the best DVDs I have ever added to the collection.

Teen Fuck Holes with Keri Sable back

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Just Over Eighteen 11

May 19th, 2007

Just Over Eighteen 11

Just Over Eighteen 11

Nobody captures anal on film like the crew at Red Light district, and oh how nice it is to see Keri taking some hardcore anal action on red lights film. This is one great anal scene and the sucking and fucking that is featured on this DVD will make you very happy that you have gotten it! One of the few adult DVDs that you can watch more than once. Lots of hardcore nasty anal action in this movie!

Description: Six Horny, Wet Teens do it all!!! Fresh out of school, watch as we expend the sexual limits of these TEENS. Check out cover girl Keri Sable getting a big stiff cock Stuffed in her Ass!

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Forever Keri

May 18th, 2007

Forever Keri

Forever Keri

Description: Superstar Keri Sable shows, once again, why she is one of the leaders in the adult entertainment industry. Join her and many of her friends in this fabulous DVD. It’s all Keri, all sex, all Wicked!

The Wicked production team really could have done a better job with this flick. Of course Keri looks good and it’s a great movie, but I can tell that Wicked either did not have their best production talent working on this one, or the editor was slacking, or maybe they were just overworked. If I was producing a forever Kaeri DVD I would have pullout all the stops and made it a masterpiece rather than the cut and dry standard wicked flick, which is great for most couples, but come on, how about some more bonus features or something?

I found the Forever Keri DVD online for under $20 – that’s about what it’s worth.

Jack’s Teen America 5 with Keri Sable

May 16th, 2007

Jack’s Teen America 5

Jacks Teen America 5 with Keri Sable

I was so happy to see that Keri was going to be in a Jack’s Teen America flick I got this DVD the day it came out, and wow, it’s hot! For those of you not familiar with Jack’s line of teen porn titles, they are well lit, have hardcore sex and the models are hot. Jack spends time editing the movies to give you the hardcore action you want and cuts down on the fluff, without making it a straight gonzo flick, it’s as close to a perfect mix of hardcore action that you could ask for.

Volume 5 featuring Keri Sable is no exception. Her scene is oh so good, the closeups make you feel like you are almost inside her and her whimpers and moans while she’s getting fucked are fucking great in this flick. Definitely a welcome addition to the collection.

Description: Jack’s at it again. This time, it’s even kinkier than before. Jack turns what he knows best into a career. Welcome to Jack’s answer to getting a fucking job!

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Wicked Ass Keri Sable Pocket Pussy Sex Toy Futurotic Vagina

May 14th, 2007

Wicked Ass Keri Sable

Wicked Ass Keri SableDescription: Wicked® and California Exotic bring you the Keri Sable Ass. This is an actual cast of the gorgeous Keri Sable’s tight ass made for your fucking pleasure. Her ass is so tight, you’re going to explode when you plow inside of her! Made from the incredible feeling Futurotic Plus material, it feels pretty real with the addition of exceptional ribbed nodes in the passage. Ass measures 8 inches deep.

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This is one pretty pussy, a pocket pussy that is just as pretty to look at as it is to stroke your cock with! Seriously, it’s a nice copy of Keri’s insatiable sensitive pussy, feels great!

The material it’s made of is soft and gets warm quickly, but takes maintenance to keep long, if you do not clean and powder this pocket pussy often it will wear out and be pretty rough looking in a couple months, maybe less depending upon how much you leave it lying around full of spooge. Best thing to do is pull out and nut on it instead of it, but really for the price, you could buy one to fuck and another to nut it and it would be cheaper than taking a girl out on a date.

Thoughts about Keri’s short career the past couple years

May 14th, 2007

It is really a very interesting story Keri’s is. If you seen Keri Sable fucking on film in a few of her movies you get an idea of what this young slut can do and look damn good doing it, but that is just the surface, the fake actress we are seeing in her films.

Consider these things, Keri had a nose job and plastic surgery on her chin at age 17. Is she naturally blonde? Okay so immediately we can see that the Keri you see in porn is not the Keri that she really is. Also take into consideration that Keri is very sensitive in her vagina and tears inside really easily, so in real life I don’t think she would choose to have a throat gagging 5 on 1 gangbang that lasts for hours with little to no attention being given to her sensitive needs.

I could be wrong, from the interviews and other information that I have found it seems to me that Keri is probably a very sensitive physically and probably emotionally as well. One articles mention of her not fulfilling a contract with wicked and moving back in with her parents make me also think about how she could of done well in the industry had she not had such a limiting contract in the first place.

Perhaps I should move forward with my adult talent agency idea and give girls like Keri an opportunity to make real money.

Just a few of my thoughts today, just some humble opinions.

Teenage Spermaholics Volume 3

May 14th, 2007

Teenage Spermaholics #03

Teenage Spermaholics Volume 3Oh yeah! This is one of my favorites.. not that the overall DVD itslef is super well produced and shot, but it is quite nasty and that’s the way I enjoy watching sluts gobble up cock. The scenes with Kat, Christie Lee, Sativa Rose, Jasmine Byrne, Audrey James are all good porn. The scene with Keri Sable is awesome though. Maybe it’s just me and my lust for Keri, but the scene with Keri had me rewinding instead of fast forwarding, very very nice!

Description: These teens are sex junkies and sperm is their drug. We feed their constant cravings with plenty of ass to mouth, DP’s and their favorite drug sperm-shot right on their mouths, pussies and assholes!

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Curse Eternal – HD

May 14th, 2007

Curse Eternal – HD

curse eternal  HD DVD with Keri Sable

You know if it is shot on HD it’s probably pretty good. Well in this case it’s really good, in fact it’s fucking great! This is a great movie without the sex and sex in HD is hi definitely great! The director for this fuck flick knew what he was going for and knew how to get it! Great sex scenes caught on HD with brilliant lighting and closeups that really shine on the big screen. If you have HD capability, this is one you will enjoy time and time again.

Description: High Definition Version. An eternal masterpiece comes to life in award winning director Brad Armstrongs CURSE ETERNAL. An archaeological discovery sets an ancient curse free and awakens an immortal Queen. Enlisting the help of her mortal researcher, The Queen embarks on a quest for her long lost love. Will the researcher discover the secrets of this ancient society? Will the Queen find her true love? Exquisitely shot and directed, this powerful and erotic work of art will leave you begging for another curse.

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